[PSO2] Ship02での不正行為 NPC位置ハック事件 勃発



[2012-07-12 11:40]








31 名前:名無しオンライン[sage] 投稿日:2012/07/12(木) 11:39:51.50 ID:KubTeIQE





6 名前:名無しオンライン[sage] 投稿日:2012/07/12(木) 11:30:35.98 ID:236GMtyg


カウンターには誰もいませんので あしからず。

クエストを受けるには ジャンプをしてください。

お目当てのNPCは隠れています。 頑張って探しましょう。



11 名前:名無しオンライン[sage] 投稿日:2012/07/12(木) 11:37:57.08 ID:R7An+ntn [1/3]











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  1. [...] sites are blaming foreigners for the attack and are pasting chat transcripts that seem to indicate that the alleged hackers were English speakers who are apparently upset that [...]

    ピンバック by Phantasy Star Online 2 Hacked As An Alleged Prank | Kotaku Australia | 2012年07月12日 20:45

  2. [...] sites are blaming foreigners for the attack and are pasting chat transcripts that seem to indicate that the alleged hackers were English speakers who are apparently upset that [...]

    ピンバック by PSO2 Hilariously Hacked, Sega Blames Angry Westerners - GamePlox | GamePlox | 2012年07月12日 21:09

  3. i have the entire uncut chat log if anyone cares to see it. this is rediculous that me saying my feelings on localized servers turned into this. i was playing my fiances characer at the time to level her while she was at work to catch her up to me. vahlyse is not a hacker and in no way condoned hacking. just because statements were said around a conversation about hacking got vahlyse banned makes me want to never spend money on this game and play it completly for free. what i was saying is to invade blocks 1-5 and not troll them but for foriegn players to go there and explain how angry we are that servers wont be global. i suggest that people stop relying on what chat logs say because people can cut/paste/edit them to say whatever they want it to say.

    コメント by Draconian | 2012年07月12日 22:57

  4. those comments are so spaced out that its rediculous. they copied and pasted them to incriminate my fiance. you can see for yourself as the chat log from the ENTIRE night is posted here http://www.pso-world.com/forums/showthread.php?t=198031&page=7 and you can see that this log was generated by posting comments that if spaced out would not be incriminating at all. SEGA please unban my fiance. i was leveling her character while she was at work. couldnt do anything cause i thought all blocks were effected and just because i was chatting at the same time as other people who were taking credit for it my fiances character happened to get her comments cut and pasted most likely by yexes who was trolling her to get her banned. on top of that the yexes guy in that chat log was taking credit for the hacking by the way. and i in no way have or ever will encourage hacking. i formally apologize for any misunderstanding and when i said “invade” i meant players peacefully go to blocks 1-5 and explain how angry we are about there not being global servers…. but again that part was cut out of the conversation as well… you need to make log files that cant be edited

    コメント by Draconian | 2012年07月12日 23:21

  5. [...] is all that was done, and assures its Phantasy Star fans that no user data was taken. According to a chat transcript the users who claim responsibility for the hack did it to teach Sega a lesson. If so Sega has [...]

    ピンバック by Phantasy Star Online 2 Hacked for Being Japan-Only | Exploit Archive | 2012年07月12日 23:36

  6. それらのコメントは、そのようrediculous間隔をあけています。彼らはコピーして、私の婚約者を有罪にそれらを貼り付けることができます。ここhttp://www.pso-world.com/forums/showthread.php?t=198031&page=7掲載されて全体の夜からチャットログとして自分のために参照することができますし、このログを掲載することにより生成されたことがわかりますもし間隔のうちは全く不利なことがないというコメント。セガください、私の婚約者がブロックを解除。彼女は仕事をしていた間、私は彼女のキャラクターを平準化されました。何か原因を行いcouldntの私はすべてのブロックがそれのためにクレジットを取っていた他の人が私の婚約者の文字は彼女のコメントは彼女が得るためにトローリングであった​​yexesで切断し、ほとんどの貼り付けを取得するために起こったと私は同時にチャットしただけでは影響を受けると思っていた彼女が禁止された。そのチャットログ内のyexesの男が道でハッキングのための信用を取っていたことの上に。と私はない方法で持っているか、これまでハッキングを奨励します。私は正式に、任意の誤解を謝罪し、私は “侵略”と言ったとき、私は選手が平和的にブロック1から5に移動し、我々は、グローバルサーバないという存在についていかに怒って説明するもので….しかし、再びその部分は同様に会話を切り出した…あなたはカントが編集したログファイルを作成する必要があります

    コメント by Draconian | 2012年07月13日 01:18

  7. ok Draconian, so what is this? http://pso2p.net/ogywytdi and this: http://pso2p.net/ztmymmzh and this: http://pso2p.net/otynvjyw

    コメント by 匿名 | 2012年07月13日 02:50

  8. i am not talking about zapero i am talking about Vahlyse my fiance. some how her opinions got her tied into all this. and theyw erent even her opinions. i was supposed to level her up while she was at work. and when i found the quest npcs goe i didnt know that other blocks were ok. ni could care less if zapero is banned but my fiance vahlyse had nothing to do with hacking of any kind she does not hack. somehow a mean person harassing me and trolling me when i was on myh fiances character got people to believe she was in on it and its not fair that she was innocent and got banned.

    コメント by Draconian | 2012年07月13日 04:22

  9. nolt sure how my conversation got tied into that but i wasnt even talking to or with zaprero. i was discussing my opinion on servers with someone who trolled me and i said as vahlyse my fiances character yes i said “we should invade block 1-5″ but the very next message i wrote said “not to troll them or flame them though” if you read the chat log you will see my fiance Vahlyse has no harmful intentions at all on this game we love pso2

    コメント by Draconian | 2012年07月13日 04:28

  10. this is seriously a big misunderstanding and vahlyse is truly an innocent bystander that got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time

    コメント by Draconian | 2012年07月13日 04:29

  11. [...] is all that was done, and assures its Phantasy Star fans that no user data was taken. According to a chat transcript the users who claim responsibility for the hack did it to teach Sega a lesson. If so Sega has [...]

    ピンバック by Phantasy Star Online 2 Hacked for Being Japan-Only | Arcade Classics | 2012年07月13日 09:54

  12. [...] Kotaku story points to one Japanese PSO2 player’s blog of an exchange he had with other players speaking in English who appeared to claim at least partial [...]

    ピンバック by Phantasy Star Online 2 Already Hit By Hackers | TSSZ News | 2012年07月13日 13:01

  13. [...] chat log, the fol­low­ing con­ver­sa­tion found its way to a cer­tain Japan­ese BBS.  (source) 16 名前:名無しオンライン[sage] 投稿日:2012/07/12(木) 10:13:56.79 ID:NC3WCYo8 [...]

    ピンバック by Recent PSO2 NPC hacks - LeMU.waterbottle | 2012年07月13日 17:29

  14. whatever vahlyse wasnt even talking to Saiden and zapero. she was stating an opinion to peacefully protest seperated servers and you guys hacked the conversation up to make it look lik shes one of the bad guys. i haqve the real chat log. and i will post it here if neccessary if you do not change it THUS making you look bad. that fake chat log is a bunch of crap

    コメント by Draconian | 2012年07月14日 07:08

  15. i hope you realize that shortly after she said “INVADE” the next message she said was to not go there to troll/flame meaning her intent was not to be harmful. of course everyone on the server is going to be talking about seperated servers. the news had hit that day about us servers starting up in 2013…. sega needs to start reading full chat logs instead of believing what they see here and or taking one single message into a context that it really isnt. yhou sites need to quit this slander and focus on the real hackers and take her off your site!!!!!!!!!!!

    コメント by Draconian | 2012年07月14日 07:12

  16. 2012-07-12T05:15:21 112 PUBLIC 10197844 Vahlyse yeah well they need to learn a lesson in busiess
    2012-07-12T05:15:52 113 PUBLIC 10197844 Vahlyse not tell people to not play the game

    this was arguing that sega of america should not have made thier comment about the content delay and if yuou look at the times of these posts there are 30 minutes in between if you do not remove this post about vahlyse i will report this site for being slanderous this is the last warning. i can paste a bunch of messages together from anyone in that block that day and make them sound like they were going to be harmful to the game. im serious im not joking this is the last warning. vahlyse had nothing to do with this there were other posts by her character witheld to make her look bad.

    コメント by Draconian | 2012年07月14日 07:17



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